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Hey there stuck course creator

Isn’t it time you got that course DONE?

Knowing what to do and when to do it just got a whole lot easier with the DOABLE COURSE CREATION METHOD

Grab the doable deal for only $57 $27

Overwhelmed and frustrated course creator

You’d really love to create an online course

But its hard

You know because you’ve tried 

And how you’ve tried! You’ve spent hours and hours researching the right platform, trying to get your content to make sense, figuring out how to record your videos. It’s frustrating, confusing and overwhelming.

You wish someone would just tell you exactly what to do!

Now, what if I told you…

There is a method that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it?

  • It’s a fill-in-the-blank planner that takes you step-by-step through the process,
  • plus a scheduler for you to create your own schedule that works for you,
  • allows you to choose the tech that works best for you & your budget,
  • AND it doesn’t require you to sell one of your children to pay for it.


The Doable Course Creation Method

A powerful planner & ebook combo that will help you get your course done in no time.

The Doable Course Creation Method Planner + ebook
Overwhelmed and multitasking course creator

You could have your course done by now but…

You’re stuck in analysis paralysis trying to choose what platform to buy or what video editor to use – spending hours just researching all of the different options.

You don’t know how to record your videos – it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable and you forget what you have to say. “Do I HAVE to use videos?”

You ask for referrals or advice in Facebook groups only to get advice that doesn’t help at all or makes you even more confused.

You start and then get overwhelmed and give up only to repeat this cycle in a week and all you can think is I wish I could get someone to just do it for me?!

You feel like you don’t have any ducks. Let alone a row…

All your ducks in a row

What if I told you there’s an easier way?


A way that works for you

We’re all at different levels experience-wise, tech-wise and budget-wise. The Doable Course Creation Method doesn’t dictate what tech or programs to use but recommends a variety of tried and trusted options, so you choose what works best for you.


A way where you know what you're doing

The Doable Course Creation Method planner and ebook were designed to provide a complete solution to creating a course. The planner gives you the practical, hands-on part and the ebook all the course creation info and tips. So, you know exactly what to do and when to do it.


A way that saves you time & money

No more long hours spent researching what course platform to choose, what type of course to create, how to create course content or even what content to create. You’ll learn a couple of industry tricks that’ll help you get your course created quickly and easily.

Get instant access for only $27

Everything you need to create a course with ease

An interactive planner & ebook combo that’ll cut the overwhelm so you can get your course created for only $27 

The Doable Course Creation Method complete bundle planner and ebook

Get The Doable Course Creation Method

Now you can get your ducks in a row

How it works

Get your ducks in a row - step 1

Follow the step-by-step planner

Type your details into the planner – get it all out of your head and organised.

Get your ducks in a row - step 2

Plan and schedule

Use the planner to create a content schedule for you to record your course video/audio.

Get your ducks in a row - step 3

Create your course

Now you know exactly what to do and when to do it you can get your course done with ease.

Let’s take a look inside

The Doable Course Creation Planner

Fill in the Blank Interactive Planner

The Doable Course Creation Planner

The planner walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your course. A bit like following a recipe for course creation. Type in all of your course info and then all you need to do is copy and paste it. 

Inside You’ll discover

The 3 Part Course Creation Process

There are three parts to creating a course: Preparation, Creation and Construction and the planner will help you get everything prepared in the Preparation phase and then guide you through the Creation and Construction phases.

The Simple (But Effective) Course Name Formula

Type in your details and get the perfect name for your course using the course name formula. 

The Course Timeline 

No more messy sticky notes all over the place. Map out your course outline from start to finish using the interactive Course Timeline. Want to rearrange something? Just cut and paste.

The Lesson Planner Sheet

Flesh out each of your lessons using the lesson planner worksheet. This provides structure to each of your lessons and makes sure that you cover all of the important points. 

The Video Script Sheet

Type out your video scripts so you follow the same sequence with all of your videos. There’s also a section for you to make a list of slides you need to create to go with your video.

The Quiz & Assessments Planner Sheet

Planning your quizzes and assessments helps align them properly with your lesson objectives. Then when you’re setting up your course, all you need to do is copy and paste the questions and answers from the planner to your course platform.


There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to check things off a list. That’s why you get a bunch of pre-defined checklists of tasks to complete as well as a couple that you can customise for your own tasks.


You get a high-level monthly task schedule with a task tracker for you to monitor your progress. And there is also a more granular weekly task schedule so you can set weekly goals of what you’d like to achieve by the end of the week and then check them off when you’re done. 

Let’s take a look inside

The Doable Course Creation Method eBook

150 page Digital book 

The Doable Course Creation Method eBook

Everything you need to know about creating a course at your fingertips including tips and tricks to help you make your course engaging so you get rave reviews. Available for download in PDF. 

Inside You’ll discover

The Secret to Creating a Course That Sells

You’ll learn the 3 most important foundational elements that’ll drive every aspect of your course. Get these right and your course will be a success. 

9 Different Types Of Online Courses

The ebook outlines the pros and cons of each type with a couple of examples of each type of course to get you thinking about how you can make them work for your course topic. That way you can create the type of course that best suits your course topic as well as your audience.

Tried & Trusted Tech Recommendations

There are so many different options to choose from – how do you know what’s the best? All of the options recommended in the ebook I’ve used in the past or currently use in my course creation business. So you know if you choose any of these recommendations they’ll work for you.

The different types of course content

It’s important to create course content that promotes engagement and the ebook discusses the various types of course content you can create. This includes 8 different kinds of videos so you can choose what works best for you.

Getting great presentation slides

Whether it’s a slideshow with your voiceover or the occasional slide used in a talking video, presentation slides are a canvas you can use to paint your story. You’ll get some tips for getting the best slides for course videos whether you’re using a template or starting from scratch using your own branding.

Video like a pro

Video production may seem scary and overwhelming, but in reality, you can easily create professional-quality course videos yourself. Irrespective of what equipment you use. You’ll get practical tips & tricks to get the best quality videos you can. 

The Doable Content Creation Method

The main goal of the Doable Course Content Plan is to get your course content scheduled so you get it done. And I’m going to give you 2 powerful tips to help make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Top Tips to Make Your Course Engaging

Not many course creators understand what gamification is (hint: it’s not a game) or how to implement it into their courses. Find out how you can add gamification to your course so you create a course that people want to take.

How to choose the best platform to host your course

There are so many different course hosting options available and making a choice can be overwhelming. Let me make this process a little easier for you by deconstructing the different types of course hosting options that are available so you can make the best choice. 

The results you can expect from The Doable Course Creation Method


Get clear on exactly what to do – from what to name your course to choosing a platform


Have a step-by-step process to follow to map out your course and the content you need to create


Learn how to easily create course content and schedule it so it gets done


Know exactly what tech & programs to use to create your course content


Create a course that you enjoy making & people enjoy taking


Figure out the best place to host your course based on your experience & budget

for only $27? yes please!

And of course, there are bonuses

To make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to take action and create your course, you’ll also get these special bonuses…

The Doable Course Creation Method Introverts Guide to Course Videos

bonus #1

video training

An Introverts Guide to Course Videos. In this video, you’ll learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera. With tips on how to look good on camera that work for both introverts and non-introverts.

Let’s do this!

Here’s a sample of the Downtown Design workbook

(Scroll down for more)

Here’s a sample of the Pantone Design workbook

(Scroll down for more)

bonus #2

Canva templates

You get to choose one of two Course Template Kits. Both include a 40-slide course slide deck and a 48-page workbook pre-designed and easy to edit. Just insert your copy, a couple of pics and voila! (no need for a paid Canva account). You also get a video tutorial showing you how you can customise the templates for your course. 

Yes really!

Two complete sets of course-specific slides and workbooks that you can take and plug your own information into. So instead of taking hours – it could take you minutes to create your slide deck & PDF workbook.

Grab the bundle

An interactive planner & ebook combo that’ll cut the overwhelm so you can get that course DONE!

The Doable Course Creation Method planner + ebook + bonuses

Get the planner & ebook + bonuses for $27

for $27 you’ll get all of this:

The Doable Course Creation Method planner + ebook + bonuses text only

Get The Doable Course Creation Method here

Hello, I’m Lisa

Creating courses is what I do and I created my company, Setup Sidekick, to support course creators in making an impact with their courses. I do this by simplifying the course creation process and helping course creators get their courses built with ease.  

And I’m gonna be honest, I like doing things the easy way. I’m always on the lookout for an easier way to do something and if there is – you can bet I’ll be doing it. Life’s too short to spend hours chained to your desk trying to figure things out.

And it’s not about taking short-cuts or not doing things properly it’s all about finding the most efficient way to get things done and working with what you already have first, before going out to buy new tools/software.

So that’s exactly what The Doable Course Creation Method is all about, making the course creation process as easy as stress-free as possible.

Some client testimonials

"Luckily for me, I was connected with Lisa at Setup Sidekick. And I will tell you that working with her was one of the best investments I have ever made."

Dr Glenn Vo

Dentist, Industry Influencer, Speaker, Coach and Published Author, Nifty Thrifty Dentists

"If you are looking for expert help in creating an outline course, I highly recommend Lisa and Setup Sidekick. Lisa truly delivers when she says, “I’m all about making course creation as simple and stress-free as possible.”

Mary Oluonye

Author and Co-Owner of Celmar Travels USA/Ghana

"Not only is Lisa so enjoyable to work with but her skills are second to none. She walked me through every step of the process and was able to overcome any obstacles along the way."

Dr David Bilstrom MD

Director of the International Autoimmune Institute & Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine

"Before working with Lisa we were not sure where to start or host our new course. She helped us through the whole process from the beginning to end and provided her insights on what was best for the type of course we had."

Joseph & Marissa Msefya

Marriage Coaches, Forever Marriages

"Lisa’s saved me so much time and stress (she is so organised). She’s so skilled in a wide range of areas too. I absolutely recommend Lisa. For me, it’s been a dream to work with her."

Emma Pollard

Director and Coach , Love and Play Universe

"Wanting to create an online course and webinars were things I just dipped in and out of, but after my time with Lisa, I now have the confidence to get ‘stuck in’ and start doing these things I’ve always thought were too hard!"

Dawn Walton

Life Coach , Inner Self Coaching

Nadine Stewart testimonial
5 star facebook review - Amanda

No Questions Asked
100% Money-Back Guarantee

7-day money back Guarantee

Here’s my promise to you:

The Doable Course Creation Method includes everything that I’ve mentioned on this page and more.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how to create an online course from scratch. You’ll get a behind-the-curtains look at how to quickly and easily create your course and more…nothing is held back.

You’ll read The Doable Course Creation Method and follow along in the planner, bonus videos and templates and I guarantee you’ll discover new insights or take-away examples you can immediately implement in your course. And finally, get that course DONE!

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason just let my team know with a quick email to lisa@setupsidekick.com and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

An interactive planner & ebook combo that’ll cut the overwhelm so you can get that course DONE!

The Doable Course Creation Method complete bundle planner and ebook

Yes! I want the planner & bonuses


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