Sidekick Silver

Arr, you’ve got Silver, matey!

It feels right to use pirate speak for Sidekick Silver. Because, essentially what Sidekick Silver is – is treasure, loot or booty…

In non-pirate terms, it’s just like a gift card or voucher.

You can use it for (almost) anything, including my 1:1 offers. To see a list of what you can buy with your Silver, take a look at my Offers Page or any of the Work With Me options.

Your Sidekick Silver is equivalent to a dollar value, so if you have 10 pieces of Sidekick Silver – you have $10.

How to redeem your Sidekick Silver:

If you want to spend some or all of your credit, pop me an email and I’ll either:

  • Send you a coupon to use at checkout for the offer you want, or
  • Send you a custom payment link with instructions to follow, or
  • Give you access to the offer(s) directly

Send an email to with the names of the offer(s) you’d like to redeem your Silver for, and I’ll do the rest!

Typically I’ll process your request within 24 hours (Mon-Fri), and please be mindful that I’m in South Africa, so there may be a big time zone difference.

Worried about your Silver expiring during the time delay? Rest assured, as long as I’ve received an email from you before the deadline, any discounts offers or bonuses will still be honoured for at least 24 hours after I’ve responded to your request to use your Silver.

Sidekick silver

The Sidekick Silver T&Cs

NB: You must apply your Silver BEFORE purchasing.

It can’t be applied retrospectively after you’ve made a purchase.

Your Silver is valid for:
  • A fixed period of time from the date of purchase/issue (eg. Valid 3 months from the date of issue)
  • The validity period of your Sidekick Silver will be outlined in writing at the time of purchase/issue.
  • The last day of your Sidekick Silver being valid is your Expiry Date. Sidekick Silver expires at midnight GMT +2 on the Expiry Date.
  • Any unused or unspent Sidekick Silver will no longer remain valid after the Expiry Date has passed and will no longer be valid for redemption.
  • Expiry Date extensions will not be given, except in extenuating circumstances, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please be mindful that it is your responsibility to use your Sidekick Silver before the Expiry Date.
Refunds and transfers
  • Sidekick Silver is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • In the event you wish to claim a refund on a purchase you made using Sidekick Silver (either in full or in part), you must follow the refund request process as laid out in my Terms & Conditions.
  • Any full or partial payments that were made using Sidekick Silver will be refunded in Sidekick Silver (not in cash). We will adjust Expiry Dates accordingly if necessary.
  • Sidekick Silver cannot be transferred to another person, business or member of your team under any circumstances. Your Sidekick Silver is yours and yours alone to spend.
  • If you have accumulated Sidekick Silver balances under multiple email addresses belonging to you. In this instance, we can amalgamate all Sidekick Silver balances under one email address, at your request.
  • I reserve the right to remove or restrict Sidekick Silver usage
  • Where Sidekick Silver has been given as a bonus, a gift, a courtesy, a fun surprise, or under any other circumstance (with the exception of Sidekick Silver that has been purchased).
  • I reserve the right to remove, revoke, restrict or otherwise make void Sidekick Silver balances in case of abuse or exceptional circumstances. For example, if a payment plan falls into arrears, I may restrict the ability to redeem Sidekick Silver until we’re squared away. These circumstances will be handled at my discretion on a case-by-case basis.
How to check your Sidekick Silver balance
  • You can check your Sidekick Silver balance at any time by emailing
  • If you suspect you may have Silver balances under multiple email addresses, please supply all email addresses you currently have in use, so we can look up all your credit balances in one go.
Sidekick Silver cannot be redeemed for:

Any future collaborative offers (where more than one business is creating/delivering/contributing to the offer/service)

Sidekick Silver is also subject to my Terms & Conditions