Having a well-designed sales page makes selling your course easy

You’ve worked hard to create a great course

Now you need a sales page that works

A well-designed course sales page guides your readers smoothly through the sales process. It tells your readers exactly what they need to know when they need to know it. Answers all their questions and busts their objections.

So you can sit back and watch the sales roll in.

A great sales page gets noticed

Not only does your sales page have to tell people about your course. But it also needs to tell them what makes your offer unique and why they should care.

It makes your offer stand out

Because let’s face it, we’re bombarded with offers every day and you need a sales page that gets people to sit up and pay attention to yours.

And it’s not just about looking good…

A great sales page get’s readers to see the value of your offer

Compelling headlines, persuasive copy, and engaging visuals, all help you to convey the value your course has to offer.

Imagine knowing that your readers have all the information they need to make an informed decision to buy your course.

The prerequisites

You’re ready for a Sales Page Design service if…


You want to make a great first impression online

Having a well-designed, fully functional sales page for your course instantly adds credibility to your business.


You want more than just a pretty design

You want your sales page to work for you, guiding your prospective course buyers through the process of learning about your course offer – till they hit that buy now button.


You use either Kajabi or WordPress

Although I’ve worked with plenty of other web design tools like Squarespace, Kartra, and systeme.io, I prefer to work with Kajabi and WordPress with DIVI/Elementor.

The Sales Page Design Service

Some of my sales page designs

(Scroll on each design below to view the full page)

Dr David Bilstrom home-page

The Sales Page Design Service

Let’s take a look at what you get


I’ll gain a proper understanding of your course target audience before getting started on the design. That way we can make sure that your website works for your readers.

A course-specific design

I’ve been creating course-specific sales pages since 2017 and know all the little nuances that go with selling a course online. 

A solid user experience

You’ll get a sales page design based on solid UX (User Experience) principles to provide the very best experience for your readers.

Curated images

I’ll save you hours scouring free stock image libraries by curating relevant stock images to match your branding for your site. 

A copy framework

I’ll provide you with a copy template to use to help you write your sales page copy. Then I’ll review your copy and provide you with tips on how to optimise it (the offer excludes copywriting).

Picture this: a sales page that not only looks visually stunning but also gently guides readers through the sales process.

The Sales Page Service 


A visually appealing, user-friendly sales page that converts readers into buyers.


  • A custom-designed sales page promoting your course (max 15 page sections)
  • A copy template for you to use to write your sales page copy
  • Review of your sales page copy with tips on how to optimise it (the offer excludes copywriting)


Web design is my first love

While I specialise in courses, websites were my first love.

The first websites I created way back when I started, were all coded from scratch. But learning things like HTML, CSS, javascript and even a little bit of PHP has helped me out a great deal when designing websites. For example – a little bit of CSS code allows me to create some pretty custom designs.

I believe your course sales page should be more than just a pretty page, it should be an integral part of your overall course marketing strategy and help you sell your course.

I know that creating a sales page can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry—I’m here to guide you every step of the way. No confusing tech talk—just open and honest conversations aimed at helping you get a great sales page for your course.

Ready to get started?

I’m so excited about the possibility of working with you!

Here’s what needs to happen first

Hit that blue button below and let’s set up a quick call to discuss your requirements and see if we’re a fit.

What happens on the call?

The quick call is all about understanding your requirements so I can deliver the best solution for you. You get to ask questions and get to know me and my process. We’ll have a conversation about your course and make sure our timelines align for the project.

What happens after the call?

I’ll send you a detailed contract with the invoice for your sales page. Once the contract is signed and payment made, your project will be scheduled, and we’ll decide when to have your strategy session.

What does the process look like?

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do, and I view my clients as valuable partners. Your feedback matters, and I’ll work closely with you to ensure that your website reflects your unique personality and connects with your target audience in a meaningful way.

Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1 – We’ll have a call to discuss your target audience and course so I get a feel for what needs to be on your page. A sales page for a $197 course is very different to a $1997 course does.

Step 2 – I’ll send you your project’s Trello board for you to review and we’ll adjust timelines where necessary. I’ll also give you a quick tutorial on how to use Trello if necessary.

Step 3 – Once I receive your copy, I’ll build a framework for the site based on your copy and using your branding.

Step 4 – You’ll review the sales page and have 2 rounds of design revisions for any changes.

Step 5 – Once that’s done, we’ll set up a 60-minute training session where you’ll learn how to update your sales page if necessary.

Meet some of my clients…

“Lisa was referred to me and boy did she change my life. I had done a course on doing courses, but I couldn’t quite figure it all out. After my first phone meeting with Lisa I felt I had found my person. Lisa guided me all the way through and put my mind at ease. ”

Rachael Burgess

Founder & Owner, Rachael Burgess Courses

“If you are looking for expert help in creating an outline course, I highly recommend Lisa and Setup Sidekick. Lisa truly delivers when she says, “I’m all about making course creation as simple and stress-free as possible.”

Mary Oluonye

Author and Co-Owner of Celmar Travels USA/Ghana

“Not only is Lisa so enjoyable to work with but her skills are second to none. She walked me through every step of the process and was able to overcome any obstacles along the way.”

Dr David Bilstrom MD

Director of the International Autoimmune Institute & Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine

“Before working with Lisa we were not sure where to start or host our new course. She helped us through the whole process from the beginning to end and provided her insights on what was best for the type of course we had.”

Joseph & Marissa Msefya

Marriage Coaches, Forever Marriages

“Luckily for me, I was connected with Lisa at Setup Sidekick. And I will tell you that working with her was one of the best investments I have ever made.”

Dr Glenn Vo

Dentist, Industry Influencer, Speaker, Coach and Published Author, Nifty Thrifty Dentists

“Wanting to create an online course and webinars were things I just dipped in and out of, but after my time with Lisa, I now have the confidence to get ‘stuck in’ and start doing these things I’ve always thought were too hard!”

Dawn Walton

Life Coach , Inner Self Coaching


Questions about the Sales Page Design Service 

What web design platforms do you work with?

I’ve worked with so many different platforms/builders over the years and I’ve found that I can deliver the best results for you with WordPress using DIVI/Elementor or Kajabi. 

Do you create my branding for me?

No – creating logos, branding and visual elements or graphics etc. are not part of the standard process. If you want me to help you with this we can work out a custom plan.

Do you write the copy for me?

No, copywriting isn’t included but if you’d like me to write your copy for you, I’ll provide a separate estimate and invoice it separately.

Why should I choose a custom sales page design over a template?

While templates offer a quick and easy solution, a custom sales page design provides a truly unique online presence tailored to your specific course and target audience.


Send me an email at hello@setupsidekick.com

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