Case Study: Virtual Biowellness

Virtual Biowellness Laptop Mockup
Mockup Virtual Biowellness Laptop Mockup2

The Project Details

Lead magnet funnel, landing page design and set up, Mailchimp integration and an automated email sequence

Olya Piccirillo wanted to promote her Awaken your Midlife Goddess webinar via Facebook Ads so she would have a decent-sized audience that attends. The aim of the webinar is to pre-sell a course during the webinar. To do this we created a simple lead magnet funnel with:

  • A landing page for people to sign up on
  • A Mailchimp integrated form that adds people to her audience in Mailchimp
  • An automated email sequence of emails with more information about the webinar as well as reminders to attend. Then after the live webinar, follow up emails with the webinar replay details and course promo.

More design elements

Landing page to opt in for the lead Magnet

awaken-your-goddess landing page

Promotional post designs