Case study for The Agile Guy

Making a name on Udemy

The Objective

The entire objective of this course is to establish The Agile Guy as an expert in the field of Enterprise Agile Coaching. He plans to offer the course on Udemy and it provides an introduction into Professional Scrum Master training (PSM 1).

The Challenge

As the intention of this course wasn’t to make lots of money, Darren didn’t want to spend lots of money on production. He had already mapped out and recorded all of the video content. So all he needed my help with was post-production video editing of his ‘talking-head’ style videos.

The Client

Who is The Agile Guy?

Darren Bekker is The Agile Guy and he’s a passionate agilist with over 20 agile qualifications.  He has over 50 000 enrolments on his Udemy courses and has authored a number of blogs.

He has over 25 years of IT experience. Starting his IT career as a Developer moving into Engineering, Training, Project Management, Product Management, Agile Delivery Manager and now an Enterprise Agile Coach.

He has over 20 Agile certifications and is an SPC (SAFe Program Consultant), which allows him to train official SAFe courses.

Embracing the challenge

The Solution

Style Concepts

Other than the logo, The Agile Guy didn’t have a defined visual identity and the main colours in the logo were black, white and blue. There was an element of ‘Superhero’ involved – and although slide creation wasn’t included in the budget, I created a very simple design to add some visual interest to the videos. 

Animated Intro


The end result

Bringing it all together

The solution was to improve the overall quality of the videos and add some visual interest with the addition of slides. Without blowing the budget.

Original unedited footage

Darren had a videographer help him record his videos, so they were 4k and the audio was nice and clear. Here’s how they started out.

The edited footage

“I’m and Agile coach and wanted to get more involved in the Agile community by offering online courses on Udemy. I’d been putting it off because I didn’t know how to record and edit the videos myself. I contacted Lisa and asked her for advice on how to get it done and she referred me to a cameraman who helped me film all of the videos. Then I sent Lisa the video footage and she edited them for me and designed and added some slides. My course is now live on Udemy. Lisa is super easy to work with and super professional.“  

Darren Bekker

The Agile Guy

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