Want a custom slide deck?

Whether you want to record a slideshow video for your course or just use slides to illustrate certain points in your on-camera course videos, slides are the perfect way to add engagement to your course videos. 

Let’s create a professional-looking slide deck for your course!

This is for you if…


You want to add visual interest

You want to break up a video of you talking with some slides to provide some visual interest. 


You want to explain a concept visually

Slides can be quite useful teaching aids, allowing you to visually explain certain complex concepts. 


You already have the copy written

You’ve got your copy written just need someone to make visually appealing slides out of your copy.

The Slide Design Service

Investment: starts at $120 US for 30 slides

  • 1 custom designed slide deck 
  • High-quality free stock images
  • Designed to match your branding
  • Offer includes 2 rounds of revisions

Turnaround time: 7-10 days

What is the process?

Getting great looking slides


Step 1

Book a quick call so we can see if we’re a match and if our timelines line up.


Step 2

Get me your brand information and copy. 


Step 3

I’ll create the slide deck in Canva using your brand colours, fonts and other brand elements.  


Step 4

I’ll send you your custom slide deck to review and then make the design changes you ask for.


Step 5

Lastly, I’ll pop in any slide notes you need and share your custom slide deck with you ready for you to record your course video. 

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