The Sage Futuremakers  Website

The Sage Futuremakers project is a fantastic incentive of the Sage Foundation. Their aim is to help address the challenges young people face with a changing workforce due to digital transformation.  They are providing free, interactive workshops for young people, teaching them how to use AI to solve real-world problems. Empowering young people from all walks of life and across the globe. 

The brief was to create a website that would appeal to both teachers, guardians and parents as well as young people all within the parameters of the Sage corporate identity guidelines. Photographs of previous workshops were provided and used throughout the site. 

To address the challenge of having two different audiences (teachers, guardians and parents & young people) I created two ‘doorways’ to access information on the workshops. The first would appeal to the decision-makers with information to address their questions and concerns.

The second ‘doorway’ leads to a page that appeals to young people with some fun graphics and an interactive quiz for them to take.  I really enjoyed designing this page as well as conceptualising and creating the interactive quiz. 

Home page with two main CTA buttons (doorways) to the pages for teachers, guardians/parents and young people.

Page for teachers, guardians and parents.

Regional pages detailing where they can attend the workshops

Page for young people with interactive quiz at the bottom of the page.

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