Case Study: Retire to Africa

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The Project Details

Course visual identity design, Course platform setup and design, video editing, workbook design and motion graphics animation

Dr Glenn Vo had written out his Groupologie course material but had been sitting on it for a while. He decided it was time to get it made and ready to launch. He wanted it to be an engaging, interactive course with varied course content.

The Challenge? Create a ready-to-sell course in 6 weeks.

The project started off with establishing a visual identity for the course, including a course logo, font selection and colour palette. The logo needed to be used in the intro for the videos so was created as an animated logo.

The Groupologie project also included video editing, the creation of interactive PDFs, motion graphics animations, audio files, transcripts and quizzes. And finally putting it all together on the FGFunnels Membership platform.

Dr Vo was a true unicorn client, allowing me free reign when it came to designing the various elements of the course which resulted in consistent and cohesive design throughout.

“I needed help!  I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Running across Lisa’s Setup Sidekick website was the best thing that could have happened. I had a quick phone call with Lisa to discuss my vision and goals; where I was and where I wanted to go. I was sold. I was going to work with Lisa in one way or another and it is the best decision I have made!

In two short weeks, Lisa improved my website by performing a website audit and making some changes, which resulted in a simpler yet more effective website. She also strengthened my lead magnet significantly, created the landing page for my course, initiated email sequencing, and that was just the beginning.

If you are looking for expert help in creating an outline course, I highly recommend Lisa at Setup Sidekick. Lisa truly delivers when she says, “I’m all about making course creation as simple and stress-free as possible.” For me, I have saved myself time, money and stress with the added bonus of handing over my project to a consummate professional, secure in the knowledge that the result will be outstanding.

Working with Lisa is like having a crucial and trusted implementation team member who “has your back” and understands your vision and goals. Not only is she excellent at what she does, she is also encouraging, supportive and truly feels like a friend.”

Mary N Oluonye

Author and Co-Owner, Celmar Travel & Tours, USA/Ghana

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Course workbook design 

Retire to Africa workbook