Want a custom PDF designed?

Ready to start building your email list with an irresistible, downloadable PDF that people will be willing to trade their email addresses for? 

Or perhaps you want a well-designed interactive and fillable workbook for your course?

It can be anything, a workbook, a guide, a checklist, a list of resources, or an ebook – you choose!

Let’s get you that professionally designed PDF!

This is for you if…


You want a lead magnet (freebie)

You want to offer an irresistible PDF to start building your contact list (especially when purchased with the Email List Building Funnel Service.)


You want a course workbook

You’d like some help to make sure that you’re providing quality downloadable content for your course. 


You already have the copy written

You’ve got your content written up in a Google doc you just need some help making it look good and making it interactive (fillable).

The Custom PDF Design Service

Investment: starts at $120 US for 20 pages

  • 1 custom designed PDF 
  • High-quality free stock images
  • Designed to match your branding
  • 1 PDF cover mockup for your opt-in page
  • Offer includes 2 rounds of revisions
  • Web ready and interactive/fillable PDF

Turnaround time: 7-10 days

What is the process?

The path to your PDF


Step 1

Book a quick call so we can see if we’re a match and if our timelines line up.


Step 2

Get me your brand information and copy. 


Step 3

I’ll create the PDF Design using your brand colours, fonts and other elements.  


Step 4

I’ll send you your PDF to review and make any changes you ask for.


Step 5

Lastly, I’ll make it interactive (ie make checkboxes checkable, type in fields typeable etc.) and create a mockup image for you to use on your website or sales page. 

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