Nourished Functional Nutrition – Youtube video Content Case Study

Youtube Video Content Project

The project required the following:

Video Editing
Slide Design

Monica Paz wants to promote her business, Nourished Functional Nutrition via a Youtube channel. She needed some help making her videos look better and to reduce the editing cost as much as possible. To do this we Had a 60-minute video coaching call to help her improve the original recordings. Then I created a template intro for her to use on all of her videos instead of recording her introduction for each and every video.

The Video Introduction Template
for use on all future videos

A few of the Video editing projects

Client testimonial

I’m a Certified Nutritionist with a virtual business who is actively using social media to market my business and increase email subscriptions. I was trying to edit my videos with the help of my VA and it was taking her away from the things I had hired her to do. We were both overwhelmed by all the steps. I was trying to find a professional video editor who could understand my perspective and my ideal customer; someone who could read my mind. Lisa’s a professional and I can tell she’s been doing video editing for a long time. You know what you’re doing and is very good at what she does. She doesn’t compromise on quality and has a high standard.

Lisa is easy to talk to and gets my perspective and understands what I’m trying to do. I’ve been able to achieve high quality videos with professionally selected graphics in a timely manner. Since I started working with Lisa and I really appreciate her ability to see the vision and put it into practice. I also appreciate her knowledge and willingness to understand my perspective without compromising her beliefs regarding quality of a good end product.

Work with Lisa. She is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and she goes out of her way to understand your vision. She brings her expertise to you and helps you make your vision a reality.

Monica Paz, MS, CN, FNLP

Certified Nutritionist, Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner, Nourished Functional Nutrition

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