Case study for LOVE & PLAY UNIVERSE

Starting a Routine Revolution

The Objective

This was Emma’s first course and she needed help making it look more professional. She needed video editing, audio Editing (Meditations), presentation slide design & a course sales page designed.

The Challenge

As this was her first course, Emma wasn’t sure how well it would sell and was using mostly free/low-cost tools to create it. She was recording the audio with an external mic on Audacity and the video was recorded in Zoom on her laptop.

The Client

About Love & Play Universe

Emma Pollard, helps people tune into their bodies, connect with their hearts and experience gratitude and abundance.

She is a dance meditation leader, play specialist, coach and mentor. And supports people in bringing balance to their life and finding peace exactly where they are.

She helps clients move forward with their relationships, businesses and passion projects with a sense of lightness, love and laughter.

Emma had created a course to help people experience more love, play and movement in their lives, called Routine Revolution.

What can be done on a budget

The Solution

Style Concepts

Emma wanted her logo to be the main concept for her course slides. I created a very simple slide design to add some visual interest to the videos. 

Sales Landing Page


The end result

Bringing it all together

The solution was to improve the overall quality of the videos and add some visual interest with the addition of slides. Without blowing the budget.

The edited footage

Sample of a Routine Revolution Meditation

by Emma Pollard | Love & Play Universe

“Lisa’s work is nothing short of amazing… She is so incredibly efficient and organised, has so much initiative and there are so many beautiful touches to her work that make her one of a kind.

With her experience, she’s been able to help me with all sorts of work… She was able to get straight to a great design for me and my videos, sending me some examples which were spot on in matching my brand. She chose music and photos for my videos which again were spot on and I love.

I’ve worked with suppliers where we’ve had to go back and forth on edits and getting things right, but this hasn’t happened with Lisa. More often she’s spot on first time! She has a gift!

Lisa’s saved me so much time and stress (she is so organised). She’s so skilled in a wide range of areas too. I absolutely recommend Lisa. For me, it’s been a dream to work with her.”

Emma Pollard

Director and Coach , Love and Play Universe

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