Case Study: Exponant

Exponant Case study laptop mockup
Exponant mockup

The Project Details

Customer acquisition journey mapping, visual identity, website design

Exponant offers technology-related business services and information technology solutions to their clients. The main objective of the website project was to reach a new and possibly younger audience. Exponant had grown and added new products & services to their offering and felt it was time to update their website to reflect their new offerings.

The Challenge? A single site for multiple products & services.

A site for multiple products & services means multiple audiences with different needs and different customer journeys. So there wasn’t a single customer persona but multiple personas that the website needed to cater for.

Exponant also didn’t have a clearly defined visual identity other than their logo – so they needed something defined for the website. The project started off with establishing a visual identity for the website, including visual elements and colour palette. The only element they insisted on was the use of the Microsoft font Segoe UI.

All of the images were to be stock images of people at work – nothing posed and ‘fake-looking’. I also created a text-overlay hover effect on all of the images – so hovering on an image activates the text overlay. You can see the hover effect on the first image in the ‘Our Offering’ section on the home page image below.

More design elements

Home page

awaken-your-goddess landing page

One of their services pages

About page

Site visual identity

Contact page