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{Free} Ultimate Idea-to-Launch Course Creation Checklist

The Ultimate Idea-to-Launch Course Creation Checklist, will help you plan out everything that is needed to take your course from idea to launch. The checklist is divided into 5 different phases of the process so you know what to do, and when to do it.

12 Days of Course Creation Tips

{Free} 12 Day Course Creation Tip Series

I firmly believe that a day without learning something new is a day wasted – and with course creation, there’s so much to learn! With the 12 Day Course Creation Tip Series, you get 12 course creation tips sent to you via email over 12 days.

12 Days of Course Creation Tips

{Free} 15 Page Course Workbook Template

The Canva Course Workbook Template will help you create your course workbook in minutes!  There are 15 course workbook-specific page designs to customise to match your own branding (super easy to do in Canva).

Templates (Canva)

Big Plus Course Design Kit Project images for offers page

The Big Plus Course Design Kit

The Big Plus Course Design Kit, is a complete kit of everything you’ll need design-wise for your course content. Designed in monochrome with a pop of vibrant colour that you can easily change to match your branding.

Courses, Mini-courses & Workshops

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From Nervous to Natural

Thinking of creating a course, but just the thought of recording course videos has you breaking out in a sweat! From Nervous to Natural, will help you become quietly confident on camera. 

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The Validate it Before you Create it Workshop

With the Validate it Before You Create it Workshop, you’ll learn how to build and pre-sell the beta version of your digital course. No more creating a course and hoping people will want it.

Done-for-you Services

Custom 1:1 Sessions

Want to DIY your course but have a ton of questions? Creating your first course will push you out of your comfort zone. How about a personalised 1:1 session to help you figure out the hard things?

Virtual Assistant (VA) Services

Wouldn’t it be great to just say to someone, this is what I want to do, and have them do it all for you? With my Helping Hand VA service, you decide just how much time (and frustration) you’d like to save yourself.

Ready to make a good first impression online with a professional, custom designed website?

Having a well-designed website instantly adds credibility to your business. Not only does your website tell people who you are and what you do. But it also tells them what makes you unique. Imagine being able to proudly send people to your website – knowing they’ll find exactly what they need with ease.

Let me create a fully functional, user-friendly and easy-to-understand website that both meets your business goals and provides your audience with what they need.

Ready to create a course but need a little help?

Hybrid Help is an intimate, hands-on, done-together program for future successful course creators (like you).  It’s designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a course. I provide exclusive 1:1 support, feedback and accountability in a way that works best for you. Along with all the fill-in-the-blank templates, planning and scheduling tools you need to get your course done.

Other Offers

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The Doable Course Creation Method Book

The Doable Course Creation Method Book, gives you everything you need to know about creating a course at your fingertips including tips and tricks to help you make your course engaging so you get rave reviews.

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