How to Craft Catchy Sales Page Headlines

The headline is the most important element of your sales page. Why? Because if your headline doesn’t grab your reader’s attention, they won’t read the rest of the sales page. Which means they won’t even get to see your offer.

And that’s the whole point of a sales page, isn’t it?

Now if you’re thinking “I know it’s important, but I’m no copywriter” don’t worry, I’ve got you.

With my Quick Start Guide to Crafting Catchy Sales Page Headlines, you’ll learn what makes a catchy sales page headline and how to write your own.

Then with my 15 Plug-and-play Headline Formulas Worksheet , I give you some simple formulas to fill in and craft your own catchy headlines – and you’ll see just how easy it can be.


Crafting catchy sales page headlines


Learn the foundation to every catchy headline.

5 Tips

Get 5 easy-to-implement tips for catchy headlines.

15 Formulas

15 super easy plug & play formulas for you to use.


Examples showing you how to use the formulas.

Here’s what you get:

1. A Quick Start Guide to Crafting Catchy Sales Page Headlines

No need to read through volumes of content, this is a quick-to-read and easy-to-consume guide – so you’ll be crafting your own catchy sales page headlines in no time.

2. A Worksheet with 15 Plug-and-Play Headline Formulas

You get 15 formulas in either an interactive PDF or Google doc – your choice. Plug your copy in and you’ll have 15 variations of headlines to choose from – in no time.

15 plug-and-play headline formulas worksheet mockup

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