Last week I spoke about the hidden benefits of creating an online course. But today, I want to talk about something that often drives people to create courses: the desire to make a real difference.

Let’s talk about how an online course can help you make a bigger impact.

I consider all my course creator clients to be Superheroes (and myself their trusty sidekick, which is why I called my business, Setup Sidekick).

Why? Because no matter what your course is about – what you teach changes people’s lives in some way.

Picture this: I had the pleasure of working with Dr David Bilstrom, a passionate soul who was determined to, in his words, “start a revolution” in the way autoimmune diseases are treated worldwide.

Dr Bilstrom dreamed of creating a course that would not only change lives but also shake up the entire approach to managing autoimmune diseases.

The method he uses in his practice helps people who’ve suffered for years. They learn how to treat and manage their conditions, and in some incredible cases, even reverse the disease completely.

But even though he was changing lives on a daily basis in his practice, Dr Bilstrom wanted to make an even bigger impact.

He wanted to create a course that would not only change people’s lives but also help people to stop passing the disease on to future generations.

I mean – talk about having an impact! Not only is he starting a revolution, but he’s also helping future generations have healthier lives.

And that, my friend, is the power of an online course. No matter what your course is about, it has the power to change lives in ways you can’t even imagine.

By sharing your valuable knowledge and skills, you become a superhero who helps people achieve their goals and live their dreams. And the impact doesn’t stop there—it radiates out into the lives of everyone they touch.

Consider a course on money mindset.

By helping people heal their mindset about money, the immediate benefit they experience is that they’re able to start earning more money, right? Which in turn leads to a better quality of life for both course attendees and their families. And we can take this even further, their community also benefits, because as they thrive, they contribute more to their local economy and possibly even contribute to non-profits and help uplift others.

That’s the power of an online course.

Thanks to the world we’re living in, you can connect with people all over the world who can benefit from your knowledge and experience. Your impact isn’t confined by geography or time zones—it’s boundless!


So, my friend, creating an online course is your chance to unleash your superpowers and make a tremendous impact.

Whether you’re “starting a revolution” in how a disease is treated, or just teaching people how to improve their posture, your course can change lives—one learner at a time.

So, what are you waiting for?