Are you sure that you’re clearly communicating your offer on your sales page?

In December I signed up for an Xmas promo bundle. It consisted of 100 low ticket digital products with everything from courses to digital downloads and templates etc.

One of the biggest things I noticed was that – the offers were a little fuzzy. What I thought I signed up for wasn’t always what I got and that was a little disconcerting.

Some of the products exceeded the expectations I had from the sales page, but a lot of them left me feeling a little let down.

The problem with that is – for the ones that left me feeling let down – I’ll most likely never buy anything from them again. Even if they have a fantastic offer on something I may want or need in the future. That first experience will have put me off.

And that’s just because the copy on the sales page didn’t match the product that I got.

Such an easy thing to fix.

All you need to do is make sure you’re clearly communicating the value proposition of your course or product.

  • Clearly communicating your value proposition on your sales page is so important. It helps you:
  • Make sure you’re attracting the right audience for your course or product
  • Help you stand out from others who sell something similar
  • Increase your sign ups because people know exactly if it’s for them or not
  • Improve your credibility

So how do you know if your offer is unclear?

  • Take a look at your analytics and if you have a high bounce rate on your sales page – that’s a sign there’s a problem. Especially if you’re targeting the right audience who should be interested in your offer.
  • Also, if you get a lot of questions from people about your offer – there’s definitely a sign there’s a problem.
  • Get someone who knows nothing about your offer to take a look at your sales page with you and tell you what they think the offer is. If they are way off then you know there’s a problem.
  • And lastly if you get refund requests – or negative feedback from people who’ve bought your offer. That’s the clearest sign that something’s off.

Clear communication is essential for building trust and making successful sales. Get this right and not only will you build trust and increase enrollment in your course but you may even get repeat customers for your other offers.