What could living a life without fear look like?

An old friend of mine recently slipped, hit his head on a metal bar and died. A tragic accident. 

But here’s the thing. When he died, he’d just finished performing a set in a nightclub. You see he’d had this DJ-ing hobby that he’d done at home in his spare time for many years. He’d create and publish weekly EDM sets and share them with his friends. And had recently started appearing on international EDM charts. So, DJ-ing in a nightclub, a dream he’d had for years had finally come true and he died doing what he loved.

How many of us get to say that? 

You see, PsyGremlin (my friend’s DJ name), lived a life without fear. He didn’t worry about what people thought. He had no problem expressing his opinions – even if they were controversial and polarizing. And if he wanted to do something – he just did it. 

In his 20’s he tried out one of the most difficult things I can imagine anyone doing – standup comedy. Did he worry if he was good enough, or if people would like what he said – no. He just did it. Was he good? Not particularly. But he did it anyway because it’s what he wanted to do. 

So, hearing of his death got me thinking – what if I were to die today doing what I do. Could I say that I died doing what I loved?

And what could living a life without fear look like?

Sure, I enjoy what I do, I enjoy helping people – but there are things I do out of obligation rather than because I want to do them. And there are things I’m too scared to even try – because, what if I fail?

So, I asked myself the question, what could living a life without fear look like?

And decided that it’s time to do a life audit. Time to figure out what I’m doing in my life that I no longer want to do. What I’m doing out of obligation or duty rather than joy. 

And time to figure out what I’m not doing out of fear. Whether that be fear of failure, or judgement, or being seen. And then – I’m going to just do it. 

I’m going to try to be brave like my friend. I think we all should. 

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