It’s time we debunked the myth of different learning styles.

I’m sure you’ve heard that we all have different learning styles – I was sold on that idea for many years (I even wrote a blog about it). But here’s the thing, the evidence for people having different learning styles is anecdotal at best.

Wait what, learning styles are a myth?

According to the learning types research there are supposed to be at least 4 different types of learners. Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, Read/Write Learners and Kinesthetic Learners (or VARK for short) but the reality is quite different.

Now I don’t want to get too much into the ‘science’ of learning types here. I’ve included a bunch of reference links about it at the end of the article for you. But the fact is that we all learn best when presented with the same information in different ways – as this reinforces the learning.

So, what does that mean for you as a course creator?

Well, we now know that the best learning experiences are those that involve different ways of learning the same thing. So you should consider doing exactly that. This means that you need to provide the same content in different formats ie. video, audio and written.

And the reality is that because the belief in learning styles is so pervasive that if you don’t offer content in a way that someone perceives to be their particular learning style – they may be put off buying your course. So if someone considers themselves a visual learner and your course is purely audio they may not sign up – or request a refund if they sign up and see only audio. However, when you provide varied content – there’s something for everyone.

Consider the 9-5 worker who only has time during their commute to work on your course. If you offer audio lessons, they’ll be able to listen to the content on their way to and from work. While the mom of a baby may only have time to work on your course while the baby sleeps – so quietly reading a pdf would suit her needs more.

So, just by varying the types of content you provide in your course you’ll not only reach more people but your course will have higher engagement too.

  • Varied content = more course engagement
  • More course engagement = more learning
  • More learning = more likely to achieve the goal of the course
  • Achieving goals = happy learners and glowing testimonials

And that’s a win-win for everyone.

Now if creating different types of content seems really hard – it doesn’t have to be. It’s actually quite easy and I walk you step-by-step through the process of creating 4 different types of content from 1 in The Doable Course Creation Method.

Need help with your course?

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