So you don’t think you have anything to share in an online course?

I bet you do have something.

I’ve discussed this a lot, online courses are a fantastic way to share your knowledge and create some passive income. (Well it’s passive AFTER you’ve done the work of creating the course). But a lot of people feel that they don’t have anything to share in an online course.

Why would people want to learn something so simple?

Sure, it may be simple to you, but what’s simple to you may be very frustrating for someone else. I mean, I’m quite good at growing plants. A skill that, Mary, who’s just thrown away her 24th dead houseplant, might like to learn.

We all have different talents and skills that we can share with the world. Talents and skills that may help other people in some way. Why wouldn’t you want to help someone out by sharing them!

There are hundreds of courses that teach the same thing

Yes, but none of them teaches it in your voice and from your unique perspective. It’s the same as songs, there are probably millions of songs about broken hearts, written over the years. But what if Adele thought, I can’t write another song about a broken heart. They’re so overdone and no-one will want to buy it. We’d never have ‘Hello’ or come to think of it, most of Adele’s music.

Now think about the Life/Business coaching space. Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo and Kate Northrup all essentially teach the same things. Just in quite different ways. From each of their home pages:

  • Tony Robbins – “Live a healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life …”
  • Marie Forleo – “… give you the courage and confidence to create a business and life you love.”
  • Kate Northrup – “… grow your business while living a life that you love.”

You see – similar offerings but different approaches. Where Tony, will resonate with some, others will prefer the way Marie teaches.

Sure, there may be 100’s of people teaching your thing, but they aren’t doing it in the same way you would.

But its such a silly thing

There is plenty of space in the world for silly. Especially the world we live in right now. So if you are really good at creating knitted outfit’s for chickens – please, please create a course. The world (erm… ok me) really needs to see chickens in bonnets.

Still don’t believe me?

Well someone thought people would be interested in learning How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. And he was right, close to 5000 people were interested.

How about learning how to judge beer – yes there is a Beer Judge Certification Program. Or if you’re really successful with the ladies then you could create a course on How to Text a Girl You Like.

So you see, wanting to teach people how to knit chicken outfits doesn’t seem that weird or silly anymore. There will always be people who want to learn just that.

So please don’t stop yourself from creating a course because you think it’s too simple or there are too many other people doing the same thing or its too silly. And if you want to make sure that there will be interest in your course – find your people and ask them. And then just do it!