Is being an introvert holding you back from creating a course?

It really shouldn’t. As an introvert, you have a unique edge in the online space. Don’t believe me? Then consider the fact that a lot of mega-star online business owners are introverts. People like, Marissa Mayer (Yahoo! CEO), Larry Page (co-founder, Google) and of course we couldn’t leave out the infamous, Mark Zuckerberg. Being an introvert doesn’t predict success or failure. No one is guaranteed to succeed in the business world – whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Your choices and actions determine your success, not who you are as a person. So don’t let introversion hold you back from creating an online course.

Here’s why online courses are perfect for introverts

Introverts are comfortable online

Introverts feel at home spending time on their own and in their own spaces. Online, they can control the amount of social interaction. Free to log off at any point. This makes them comfortable with engaging and communicating in the online space. Skills that are essential for running an online course.

Introverts are ok with working alone

Putting a full-blown signature course together may require many hours alone in front of a computer. This isn’t a challenge for an introvert who doesn’t need to draw energy from other people to be effective.

Introverts are tech-savvy

Spending all that time online makes introverts naturals at all things tech. Which is great because there can be a lot of tech involved in course creation. Course hosting platforms, video editing software, design software, email marketing tools etc.

Introverts can focus

Being able to focus on a single task is an introvert superpower. They’re able to block out the outside world and get things done.
Super helpful when you’re pulling together all of the moving parts that an online course consists of.

Introverts can handle pressure

Things go wrong in life as well as with online courses. In the event of something like a tech failure, introverts keep their cool and resolve the problem. No melodrama, no storm in a teacup, just figure out what went wrong and then fix it. Then calmly let people know it’s resolved.

Introverts are great storytellers

Stories and case studies are great for engaging a course audience. And being pros at authenticity, introverts can create highly engaging stories. Stories that resonate with people encourage transformation – which is exactly what you want for a course.

Some tips for introverted course creators

Manage your energy
If you find that recording video drains your energy, you’ll need to store some up before putting yourself on camera. Take some time to rest and be alone before you get started and then schedule some time to recharge after recording.

Batch tasks
Schedule specific time slots to do things that you know will drain you. You can’t wait until you feel like it, because as an introvert, you’re never going to feel like being out of your element.”

Speak to one person
If the thought of going on camera to hundreds of people freaks you out then don’t. If you can get a friend or family member to sit directly behind the camera – talk to them. Or if you’re alone, paste a photo of someone you know well near the camera and talk to that person’s picture. You’ll feel like it’s more of an intimate conversation which will help put you at ease.

Think about the people you’re helping with your course
One of the most important things you can do is tap into your “why.” Think about one person who’ll benefit from your course. One person who’s life you have the power to change. You are powerful.


It’s important to remember that being an introvert isn’t a curse, it’s a strength. In creating an online course there’ll be things you’re good at and that come easy to you. And there’ll be things that make you uncomfortable. It’s getting comfortable with being a little uncomfortable that’ll allow you to grow. There’s no reason why you can’t have a highly successful online course. Why don’t you give it a try?