What do you think about personality tests? Like “Which Game of Thrones character are you” or “Which Modern Disney Princess Are You?” They are fun right (aside from the dodgy data farming practices – but that’s a another blog post). How about the more serious personality tests like the Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram tests? It can be interesting to learn a little bit about yourself and how you appear to the rest of the world.

My Creative Type

Well, whether you’re a creative or not, you’ll love Adobe’s Creative Types test. Developed by Adobe in partnership with Anyways Creative and writer Carolyn Gregoire. It’s based on psychological research and assesses “basic habits and tendencies…how you think, how you act, how you see the world”.

About the test

The test is only 15 questions long and some of the questions are quite quirky, such as “I’d rather be in a cocoon or a beehive?”. It is visually fun and interactive and there are interesting animations between each question that coincide with the answer you give. Personalities are mapped across three broad metrics, including basic temperament, thinking style, and action style. These metrics measure how introverted or extroverted you are, whether you’re driven by intellect or emotion, and if your activities are driven by ideas or action. Once you are done you are assigned one of the 8 types of creatives: the Artist, the Thinker, the Adventurer, the Maker, the Producer, the Dreamer, the Innovator, and the Visionary. It’ll help you to understand not only your own creative style, but who you are best suited to working with.So, whether this test is “legitimate” or not, it really is a fun and interactive way to learn a little bit about yourself.
If you want to spend a fun couple of minutes finding out which of these eight types describes you best, head over to the My Creative Type website and take the test. I’m a Dreamer, what type of creative are you?

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