Think about it, would you use the same language when talking to male teenage gamers as you would for female antique teapot collectors? No … you’d sound like a complete N00b and they probably wouldn’t understand a word you were saying. In order for your website to connect with your users you need to speak their language. If users feel like you are talking directly to them, they are more likely to share your content, subscribe to receive your emails and ultimately, buy your product/service.

The best way to get this right is to create a “user persona” and write your website copy specifically for this person.

What is a user persona? A user persona is essentially an imaginary character that you make up, who has all the characteristics that you feel your site users will have.

To create your user persona, think of your perfect customer, this may be someone you already know or someone you picture in your mind. Now, create an imaginary Facebook page for this person, add their picture, their education, where they live, their likes or dislikes, their income level, whether they are married/single and have children etc. The more detailed you get, the easier it is to create website content that will resonate with them.

Getting specific about one person as a starting point will help you feel like you are talking to a friend which in turn makes you seem genuine and your website will be more authentic and effective.

“But I don’t just have one type of customer,”

Well following this step will not reduce diversity in your site users or limit your potential for success in any way.  No product or service is right for everyone and understanding this is the key to creating a raving customer base that loves everything you do. 100 raving site users is better than 10 000 MEH ones – because those 100 raving site users will buy/share/promote anything and everything you produce.

If you’re looking for some practical guidance on persona’s for your website let me know, I’d be happy to help.