12-Days of

Quick & Actionable

Course Creation tips

Creating a course from scratch can seem pretty overwhelming – especially if you’ve never created one before.

With my 12 Day Course Creation Tip Series you’ll learn my top course creation tips that I use and share with my clients.

Each tip consists of a bite-sized video (max 5 min long) that you can watch on the go!

Here’s what you can expect over the 12 days:

  1. My course outlining trick
  2. Simple project planning
  3. Choosing a platform
  4. Why you need more than video
  5. Course videos for the camera-shy
  6. Do you need to gamify your course?
  7. Getting it done
  8. Creating interactive workbooks
  9. Crafting a compelling course offer
  10. Finding your first course customer
  11. What to do if your course is a flop
  12. The tools I use in my own business



The Ultimate Course Creation Checklist mockup 1

Pre-course Tasks

Crucial decisions that need to be made before you start.

Outlining & planning

Time to get it all out of your head and written down. 

Production tasks

The hands-on, practical part of the process, where you create your content.

Get ready to sell

All the final tasks you need to complete to sell your course. 

Here’s what you get:

An email a day from me

Every day you’ll receive an email with a course creation tip. Each email contains a link to a video of me talking you through that day’s tip. And because I know you’re busy, the videos are all bite-sized (max 5 minutes) so no big time commitment is required to watch them. 

Pop in your details below and you’ll have an email a day from me for 12 days.

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Ultimate idea to launch course creation checklist mockup