Become a successful course creator

The easy and stress-free way

“Create a course,” they said. “It’ll be easy!”

‘They’ lied. It’s super time-consuming.

You see ‘they’ forgot to mention the fine print: You just need to learn graphic design, video editing, a bit of web design, research and set up a course platform, get your payment integration set up, connect your email sequences, set up a funnel. Oh, and don’t forget – learn how to use lots of new tech

Who has time for all that?

What if I told you there’s an easier way

The easy & stress-free way to create a course…

All you need to do is:

Step 1

Outline your course

Step 2

Type up your course content & record your video/audio

Step 3

Hand it over to me to do the rest

And what I do for you:

  • Figure out what type of course material to create according to your course content & target audience
  • Edit your raw video/audio
  • Add relevant visuals, titles, slides and animations to your videos
  • Create your course workbooks/checklists/handouts/download and make sure they’re interactive and engaging
  • Create branded elements to upload to your course platform ie headers and category thumbnail images
  • Set up your course platform and upload all of your course content
  • Create online quizzes/assessments to promote engagement with your course attendees
  • Add gamification elements for added interest and engagement
  • Create a sales page to promote your course
  • Get your launch emails, newsletters, social media posts and any other promo materials ready
  • And a bunch of other stuff, but I figure by now, you get the point

Life’s too short

A course is supposed to make your life better not keep you chained to your desk 24/7

The course creators sidekick

How can I help you?

Hi, I’m Lisa, your Setup Sidekick and I’m all about making course creation as easy and stress-free as possible.

Imagine being able to hand your course over to someone else to create. Someone who understands how to create effective course content and can do it all for you.

That’s exactly what I do. I work with you, side by side, ensuring that your course not only gets made but is beautifully crafted to provide an engaging and interactive experience for your learners.

I believe that YOUR course should be something you’re proud of. Something that highlights you as an expert and that creates a genuine impact on people’s lives. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment once it’s done. Together we can create something amazing.

I’m all about making course creation as simple and stress-free as possible.

Happy clients

Recent testimonials

"WOW, what a pleasure. Lisa is a professional and a pure master of her trade. She made the redesign of my website effortless. With little guidance she managed to surpass my expectations, making my website look nicer than I could have ever imagined. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa for any website job you may require. Thank you, Lisa and Setup Sidekick."

Katie Williams

Owner, Pilestone Africa

"In 2020, I started an ambitious project of creating an online course in less than 3 months. The biggest obstacle of this project was time. And as a practicing Dentist and founder of the Nifty Thrifty Dentist platform, my time was limited and extremely valuable. Luckily for me, I was connected with Lisa at Setup Sidekick. And I will tell you that working with her was one of the best investments I have ever made.

The biggest problems entrepreneurs have when embarking on a new venture is project management. This is where Lisa excels. Not only is she competent but extremely good at executing a vision and staying on schedule. I would highly recommend Setup Sidekick to any entrepreneur who wants to outsource their projects. The investment you make with Lisa will pay you back 10X."

Dr Glenn Vo

Dentist, Industry Influencer, Speaker, Coach and Published Author, Nifty Thrifty Dentists

"I needed help!  I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  I knew that I was wasting precious time, energy and money trying to create an online course, along with learning the myriad steps I needed to take in order to move forward. The worst obstacle was my lack of tech skills.

Running across Lisa’s Setup Sidekick website was the best thing that could have happened.  I had a quick phone call with Lisa to discuss my vision and goals; where I was and where I wanted to go. I was sold. I was going to work with Lisa in one way or another. I decided to order one of Setup Sidekick services and it is the best decision I have made!

In two short weeks, Lisa improved my website by performing a website audit and making some changes, which resulted in a simpler yet more effective website. She also strengthened my lead magnet significantly, created the landing page for my course, initiated email sequencing, and that was just the beginning.

If you are looking for expert help in creating an outline course, I highly recommend Lisa and Setup Sidekick. Lisa truly delivers when she says, “I’m all about making course creation as simple and stress-free as possible.” For me, I have saved myself time, money and stress with the added bonus of handing over my project to a consummate professional, secure in the knowledge that the result will be outstanding.

Working with Lisa is like having a crucial and trusted implementation team member who “has your back” and understands your vision and goals. Not only is she excellent at what she does, she is also encouraging, supportive and truly feels like a friend."

Mary Oluonye

Author and Co-Owner of Celmar Travel & Tours, USA/Ghana

“Before working with Lisa we were not sure where to start or host our new course. She helped us through the whole process from the beginning to end and provided her insights on what was best for the type of course we had. Lisa was very easy to work with, gave updates along the way and helped us get our course up and running.

We highly recommend Lisa for your course content creation process!”

Joseph & Marissa Msefya

Forever Marriages

“I’ve worked with Lisa for the past couple of years at Sage, and we recently worked on a microsite for Sage FutureMakers, a program that teaches young people how to use AI to solve social justice issues in their local communities. Lisa is deadline driven and a pleasure to work with – she used her initiative when designing the site and paid great attention to the flow, imagery, target audience and user experience – all critical elements to ensure engagement and to fulfil our objective of generating sign-ups for the program”

Joanne van der Walt

Director | Promotions , Sage Foundation

“Lisa’s work is nothing short of amazing… She is so incredibly efficient and organised, has so much initiative and there are so many beautiful touches to her work that make her one of a kind.

With her experience, she’s been able to help me with all sorts of work… She was able to get straight to a great design for me and my videos, sending me some examples which were spot on in matching my brand. She chose music and photos for my videos which again were spot on and I love.

I’ve worked with suppliers where we’ve had to go back and forth on edits and getting things right, but this hasn’t happened with Lisa. More often she’s spot on first time! She has a gift!

Lisa’s saved me so much time and stress (she is so organised). She’s so skilled in a wide range of areas too. I absolutely recommend Lisa. For me, it’s been a dream to work with her.”

Emma Pollard

Director and Coach , Love and Play Universe

“I have known Lisa in a professional capacity for more than 20 years. When I needed any design work, Lisa was my first point of call.

She offers valuable advice and suggestions and is super quick to deliver. Lisa has many talents not only in the creative space but is also a great trainer and has assisted me with one on one WordPress training. She explains well and has the patience of Jobe 😊

Lisa’s professional, great at what she does, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to any company.”

Ann Cumming

Marketing Executive, Netstock

“I’m Dawn and I’m a life coach. I struggle with tech when it comes to working out processes and sequences – the overwhelm before I worked with Lisa was off the radar!

Wanting to create an online course and webinars were things I just dipped in and out off but after my time with Lisa and Sidekick I now have the confidence to get ‘stuck in’ and start doing these things I’ve always thought were too hard!

Lisa promised a way to create an online course but she has given me so much more. I now know the sequence of work to do which I so desperately wanted to know and with weekly sessions and tasks I can actually say ‘I can do this’. Taking away the overwhelm and ‘I can’t do that’ mental chatter I have always had in my head has been priceless.

Lisa is very approachable, speaks a normal none tech talk which so puts me at ease. Any questions I have are never too silly or simple – and she always has a solution which is easy to apply.

Go ahead, sign up – you won’t regret it!”

Dawn Walton

Life Coach , Inner Self Coaching

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